Is there still a chance I could be accepted to medical school for this year?

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Re-evaluate your application to find weak areas. You’ll have several months and maybe a year or more to get involved in activities, courses and jobs to supplement your resume and improve your standing the second time around. Use your time wisely.

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What’s my AMCAS application status once I hit “send?”

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If you recently took the MCAT and don't yet know your score, you can still submit your application, and it will be verified along with all other applications. Once your score arrives at AMCAS, it will be automatically uploaded to your application and your school will be notified of your score.

Best summer MCAT prep boot camps

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Just 6 weeks to go! Summer MCAT prep boot camp: Ready? Set! Go. Time to ramp it up! If you've been on the fence about putting the finishing touches on your own summer MCAT prep or getting help from the professionals, you are down to the wire for finalizing your decision! Some of the best summer [...]

Is August too late to take the MCAT? Why would I wait to take it later?

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Is August too late? Is August too late to take the MCAT? I would've taken it earlier but it was really the only week this summer that would work. I'm planning on submitting my medical school application as soon as I get my scores... I just want to make sure the schools will be seeing [...]

Kaplan or Princeton Review for the best MCAT prep course?

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So what's the best MCAT prep course? In any given year, between 70 and 80% of MCAT takers enroll in a formal MCAT prep course. In this post, I review the courses offered by the two most popular test prep companies, Kaplan and The Princeton Review.

Should I re-take the MCAT? How do medical schools treat multiple MCAT scores?

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You'll need to ask the schools you're planning to attend how they treat multiple scores for those re-taking the MCAT.

MCAT prep course discounts: these are DEEP!

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Here's our BKS* (best kept secret)!! MCAT Prep Course Discounts Psssst! We're about to share a valuable secret...reserved for visitors ONLY. We have the MCAT prep course discounts you are looking for, to help fit a class into your budget. Here are the special DEEP discount codes for Princeton Review and Kaplan MCAT prep courses!  (We're working with other [...]

MCAT books: Review of Kaplan, Princeton Review, Examkrackers, Berkeley Review MCAT prep books

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MCAT prep book sets come in all different shapes and sizes, with varying benefits and upsides to each. There is not one book set that is ideal for every MCAT studier, which is why you really can’t believe anyone who tells you one book set is ‘better’ than another.

Undergraduate research experience for pre-med students

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Undergraduate research experience: a must-have! Your medical school application should display a diverse resume, including good academic qualification (GPA), a respectable MCAT score, meaningful letters of recommendation, both clinical and non-clinical volunteer experience, shadowing hours and undergraduate research involvement. Of that list, most admissions committee members will tell you that three of those things stand [...]

Why would anyone choose DO vs MD?

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Osteopathic medical training is becoming increasingly popular as U.S. lawmakers are increasingly concerned about the high cost of care and therefore, much more interested in preventative care and alternative methods as means of reducing such costs.