Best books for aspiring doctors: What are the best reads for future MDs?

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If you’re firmly in the doctor camp, and even if you’re on the fence about your career choice, I’d recommend taking a deep breath and sitting down with a good book or two to get a feel for what’s ahead. Where to find the best books for aspiring doctors? How better to prepare for a [...]

Dealing with stress in the pre-med pressure cooker

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If you’re a pre-med gunner, you understand the obscene amount of stress that goes along with preparing for, then applying to, medical school. When every undergraduate class grade effects your GPA, a tenth of a GPA point can mean the difference between an interview invite or a rejection. That makes every exam seem overwhelmingly significant. While there [...]

How important is my science GPA vs cumulative GPA to medical schools?

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Your science GPA (sGPA), or BCPM (biology, chemistry, physics and math) score is going to be critical to your application, for obvious reasons. Here are some ways to calculate, and raise yours.

Is getting an A in Organic Chemistry even possible?…and what if I get a C in a pre-med class?

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Participate in class. One of your best resources is your professor, so use her/him when you're in class to clarify concepts. Also make use of your TA when needed. You need to understand each concept before moving on.

How is the new MCAT being scored? Here’s the lowdown…

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AAMC, the organization that administers the test, has cautioned medical school adcoms not to put too much weight on the MCAT score, and that precaution applies not just in 2015, but from here to eternity.

Med school application timeline

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Med school application process: from MCAT prep through med school interviews It’s January, and for a lot of you that means getting serious about MCAT prep and thinking ahead about your med school applications. While some of you have been studying ferociously for months, I would imagine that the majority of you med school hopefuls are just [...]

Why medical school?

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Why medical school? This is the most important question you’ll have to answer on your path to becoming a doctor. You’ll meet plenty of pre-meds along the way who have decided to become adoctor for every reason under the sun…their parents were doctors, they want the “doctor lifestyle,” they love a good challenge, they’re excited [...]

What are the MCAT test dates in 2017?

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As you can see, the MCAT test dates are grouped around the most beneficial times for students….early enough in the semester (two in January!) so as not to ruin your whole semester—only part of it—and early enough to take the test again...

US DO Schools by state

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Midwestern DO Medical School Here's a comprehensive list of US DO Schools of Osteopathy, where you can obtain a DO degree. (Check out our post on the difference between DO and MD schools here.) This list is comprehensive as of June, 2017. It should give you an idea of the US DO schools [...]

MD Schools by State

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Georgetown University Medical School Here's a comprehensive list of MD schools in the US, by state, as of June, 2017. It should give you an idea what's in your state, and in nearby states in case you're not absolutely certain of your preferences and options. These are MD schools only. You can also [...]