Wouldn’t it be great if every burning question on your pre-med path had an easy answer that could be found 24/7, in just a click or two?

They can…and here we are! We’re two pre-med students—brothers actually—who have walked the path you are now on. Bryce is finished with school now, and handed off duties to Brooks, who’s entering medical school this fall (2017).

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Bryce Johnson

The experience taught us the importance of having a helping hand along the premed path, something that’s not always easy to find. So we created this website (with the help of our editor, Marci) where all you pre-med gunners can come and go, literally in the middle of the night, during class, or sitting on the lawn with an open Ochem book—whenever that burning question pops into your head!



Brooks Johnson

Your school likely has pre-med counselors and a pre med club. And there are plenty of pre-med websites. But so much of what you’ll hear is based on personal opinion or hearsay, or comes from sources inundated with bias and rhetoric crafted to get you to buy their products and services. We hope to save you headaches and cash, as we collect, summarize and categorize the top tier worries and questions that swirl around in your head. And since we can’t cover it all, we’ve built in a “Submit a Question” feature where you can ask tough pre-med questions and expect prompt, thoughtful and personalized responses.

Thanks for stopping by! We hope to see you often.

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Marci Judd