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What GPA/MCAT combo will get me admission to medical school?

By |2019-06-27T08:54:33-06:00June 5th, 2019|Pre Med Undergrad|

A GPA MCAT combo of 3.7/32 will give you a 75% chance of at least one acceptance. But there's a lot of anecdotal evidence that with lower numbers on both fronts (a 3.6/30) you could still get through with great ECs, LORs, and an excellent personal interview!

List of MCAT books in 2019 from top MCAT prep companies

By |2019-07-03T15:58:48-06:00June 4th, 2019|MCAT Prep|

Each line of MCAT prep books has unique strengths and weaknesses. It's not a one-size-fits-all purchase pre-med students are making here. And that's why we put this list together: you deserve to go into the MCAT with confidence that your books helped, not hurt, your score.

How important is my BCPM GPA?

By |2019-06-21T16:34:49-06:00June 4th, 2019|AMCAS Application|

So what BCPM GPA is best for medical school admissions? Here are some essential BCPM GPA facts: BCPM is the term for your science GPA, and includes grades in all Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Math classes taken during your undergrad years. However, depending on the classification of certain classes by individual universities, some classes outside [...]

Kaplan vs Princeton Review: best MCAT prep course, and why?

By |2019-06-27T08:46:41-06:00June 3rd, 2019|MCAT Prep|

So what's the best MCAT prep course? In any given year, between 70 and 80% of MCAT takers enroll in a formal MCAT prep course. In this post, I review the courses offered by the two most popular test prep companies, Kaplan and The Princeton Review.

MCAT prep class discounts: these are DEEP!

By |2019-06-07T15:27:47-06:00June 2nd, 2019|MCAT Prep|

These MCAT prep class discounts are our BKS* (best kept secret)!! Psssst! We're about to share a valuable secret...reserved for premedFAQ.com visitors ONLY. Some of the MCAT prep class discounts the companies have passed along to us, we're passing along to you. They are generously offering some of their deepest MCAT prep course discounts, to help fit a [...]

Self-paced MCAT prep class: more “chill”

By |2019-06-07T15:27:21-06:00June 1st, 2019|MCAT Prep|

The self-paced MCAT prep class: smart option? On this website, we've assembled lots of advice to help you choose the best MCAT prep route: 1. You can study independently, using one or more book sets. Check out our review of several top MCAT prep book sets here. 2. You can take an MCAT live prep course, [...]

Best MCAT study schedule—3 MCAT study options

By |2019-06-07T15:26:59-06:00May 31st, 2019|MCAT Prep|

What's the best MCAT study schedule for acing the test? Search the Internet, and you’ll find countless MCAT study schedules, MCAT study resources, and MCAT study tips. Everyone has their opinion on the best MCAT prep schedule based on their own experience and from hearing legendary tales of pre-med gunners on the street. However, what "best" is as [...]

Do admissions committees check social media posts?

By |2019-06-07T15:26:00-06:00May 28th, 2019|AMCAS Application|

Is it true that medical school admissions committees check social media accounts when reviewing applicant files? In this day and age, asking if admissions committees check social media is just...well, naive. Of course they do! Or at least they can... Imagine you're on a medical school admissions committee and you're about to turn over a [...]