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Best MCAT study schedule—3 MCAT study options

By |2020-06-17T15:34:08-06:00May 31st, 2020|MCAT Prep|

What's the best MCAT study schedule for acing the test? Search the Internet, and you’ll find countless MCAT study schedules, MCAT study resources, and MCAT study tips. Everyone has their opinion on the best MCAT prep schedule based on their own experience and from hearing legendary tales of pre-med gunners on the street. However, what "best" is as [...]

What’s a good science GPA? Is it more important than my cumulative GPA?

By |2020-06-17T15:33:31-06:00May 26th, 2020|AMCAS Application|

Your science GPA (sGPA), or BCPM (biology, chemistry, physics and math) score is going to be critical to your application, for obvious reasons. Here are some ways to calculate, and raise yours.

How can pre-meds get better at taking tests?

By |2020-04-14T12:24:36-06:00May 24th, 2020|Uncategorized|

Can one get better at taking tests? For some it's easy. For others, test-taking is downright frightening. Because no matter how long you devote to preparing for a test, it's likely to be a disaster. Whether a biochem test, a history final or the almighty MCAT...there are surefire ways to get better at taking tests! Are [...]

USMLE exam blues: after the MCAT

By |2020-04-14T12:25:17-06:00March 30th, 2020|Medical School|

The MCAT is my last and hardest test...right?! The USMLE test is a killer; but you'll only feel a little dead... Move over MCAT. After two years of basic medical school coursework (1 ½ years at some medical schools), your next conquest is the USMLE exam, or U.S. Medical Licensing Exam. It’s really [...]

Residency match system for MD/DOs combined

By |2020-04-14T12:28:01-06:00March 23rd, 2020|Uncategorized|

The two-tiered system of matching medical residents in DO vs. MD schools is about to go away, as all medical students will soon be able to apply using a single residency match system for both DO and MD residencies. By July 2020, the process of merging MD and DO schools into a common portal for [...]

Federal scholarships for med students help ease debt burden

By |2020-04-14T12:28:44-06:00December 20th, 2019|Medical School|

Medical students face a daunting challenge: not just getting through the rigors of classwork and clinical hours, but getting out in four years without a truckload of debt. Federal scholarships for med students can help to ease this debt burden. In 2016, the average debt of medical students upon graduation was $190,000, according to AAMC figures. [...]

Medical School Application Timeline

By |2020-06-11T16:55:36-06:00June 7th, 2019|AMCAS Application|

Med school application process: from MCAT prep through med school interviews School's starting, and for a lot of you that means getting serious about MCAT prep and thinking ahead about your med school applications. While some of you have been studyingferociously for months, I would imagine that the majority of you med school hopefuls are just starting [...]