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The med school application packet is your introduction to the adcoms, and so you need to have all your t’s crossed and i’s dotted! Check out these tips for putting together your AMCAS medical school application. We’ll address how important the BCPM GPA is, and what you can do to improve on it. Is your science GPA more important than your cumulative GPA? We’ll answer that too! We’ll even tell you what it costs to apply to med school using the AMCAS application system.

Personal statements, LORs for AMCAS packet

When you put together your AMCAS packet, pay careful attention to writing the personal statement. The best LORs (letters of recommendation) for your AMCAS application are those from people who know you best. Check out our tips for finding the best prospects, and ruling out the possibility of negative LORs. By following our rules for choosing who should write your LORs, you can gain optimum advantage.

AMCAS medical school application timeline

The medical school application timeline is crucial. You need to know when to submit your AMCAS primary application, and when to expect AMCAS secondary application invites. Also why do med schools need secondary applications anyway? We’ll give you the lowdown on how to prepare for medical school interviews and common mistakes in interviewing for med school.

Tips for finalizing your AMCAS application

Exactly what should be in the AMCAS application packet? And what should be left out? Will a medical mission trip impress the adcoms? Do admissions committees check social media posts to learn more about applicants? And finally, if you don’t get accepted and need to apply in a second cycle, should you re-submit the same LORs and what are the best things to do during a gap year? Read on…

Med school application process: what’s the cost?

By |2022-02-17T11:48:44-07:00June 3rd, 2017|AMCAS Application|

Will it break the bank? Getting accepted to med school takes stellar grades, a great MCAT score, and unique volunteering and research experience, among other things (check out specifics here). But besides brains, determination and a little bit of luck, the med school application process is guaranteed to set you back a few pretty pennies! [...]

What’s in the AMCAS medical school application?

By |2018-04-18T20:59:35-06:00August 23rd, 2016|AMCAS Application|

Sooo, what does the AMCAS medical school application look like? Check out what's in the AMCAS med school application packet! It's more than an application The AMCAS medical school application is not simply an application, like, say something you’d fill out to work at the local Subway or Kinkos or even a college application you’ve likely [...]

Why medical schools need secondary applications…and when they’re due

By |2020-09-22T17:58:46-06:00August 22nd, 2016|AMCAS Application|

A lot of adcoms don't consider your application complete without both the primary and secondary, and won't even review your file until the secondary is in hand.

When should I apply to medical school?

By |2022-02-17T10:42:00-07:00May 9th, 2016|AMCAS Application|

When to apply to medical school...here's a quick and simple answer! Want to apply to medical school? It boils down to three main steps: (1) Deciding on the medical school program(s) you want to pursue (2) Taking the MCAT; working hard in pre-med classes (3) Applying to the schools you want to attend Deciding on a medical [...]

Is a pre-med consultant worth the money?

By |2018-04-18T20:17:51-06:00February 13th, 2016|AMCAS Application|

The application packet you put together, your strategic approach for where you send applications, your last minute efforts to top out your GPA, your personal statement, the quality of your extracurriculars….all these, together with your MCAT score, will define you to the adcoms who ultimately decide your fate.

How many letters of recommendation should I solicit?

By |2018-04-18T21:31:49-06:00January 2nd, 2016|AMCAS Application|

Your letters of recommendation for your medical school application are a key element of your application packet. Don’t overlook them and don’t minimize the importance of getting some dyn-o-mite letters! Most medical schools require a minimum of three letters of recommendation. Two of those should be written by science faculty who are well acquainted with you [...]

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