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Check out this collection of tips and advice for pre med undergrad students looking to improve their chances of getting into medical school…from pre-med core curriculum and basic med school requirements, to tips for getting an A in Organic Chemistry. Is it possible to overcome failing freshman grades, and what GPA and MCAT score will get you into med school? We’ve got you covered.

Choosing a pre-med major

We’ll give you solid advice on how to choose a pre-med major, and whether a pre med double major is a good idea, plus how to deal with the stress pre-meds face. And we’ll give you the lowdown on the best extracurriculars for pre-meds, and the best way for pre-meds to find undergraduate research opportunities.

Tips for being a well-rounded med school applicant

Most pre-meds start with so many questions unanswered, but our goal is to bring you up to speed in a hurry! It’s important to be a well-rounded medical school applicant, and we’ll spell out how to do that. How many shadowing hours are needed? And how many volunteer hours in a medical setting? And what about working as a medical scribe? If you haven’t considered these topics yet, it’s time to start plotting your pre-med undergrad path.

How to get accepted to medical school

Dive in and educate yourself today. Hopefully you’re a freshman and have plenty of time to learn (1) how to approach the admissions committees at the med schools you dream of attending, (2) how to put together your AMCAS application, and (3) how to prepare for your med school interview. But even if you’re further along in the process, we’ll get you prepared so you’ll be the right medical school candidate at the med schools you’re targeting.

Doctor shortage in the U.S.?

By |2022-02-17T17:09:19-07:00October 21st, 2017|Medical School, Pre Med Undergrad|

What doctor shortage? Is a doctor shortage coming? What's the job security potential for today's pre-med students, and for those just beginning med school? It depends on who you ask. The AAMC says the U.S. could be as much as 130,000 doctors short in just a decade or so. The Association of Medical [...]

Top 10 reasons to go to medical school

By |2017-10-30T14:36:42-06:00September 10th, 2017|Medical School, Pre Med Undergrad|

So what are the top 10 reasons to go to medical school? Read on for ours... Most doctors will give you some pretty heady reasons why they chose medicine as a career. Those reasons have probably changed from the time they decided to go pre-med in the first place, since many premeds jump headlong into [...]

Pulling an all-nighter studying: best energy boosters

By |2019-03-19T18:45:37-06:00August 12th, 2017|Pre Med Undergrad|

That infamous procrastinator's trick: pulling an all-nighter for study... You've got to study a lot, and sometimes that means marathon cram sessions or all-nighters. Sure, none of the stuff we use to keep our energy and focus levels up is very healthy, but sometimes you've gotta do what you've gotta do. Here's a pretty good [...]

5 top reasons not to go to medical school

By |2017-09-21T17:25:16-06:00July 24th, 2017|Pre Med Undergrad|

This new post: "5 top reasons NOT to go to medical school" follows our recent post: "10 top reasons to go to medical school." If you read both posts, you'll realize there is very little crossover. That's because you are either physician material, or you aren't. While very many college students fancy themselves as ideal [...]

Premed or law…how do I choose?

By |2017-10-30T15:31:05-06:00July 15th, 2017|Pre Med Undergrad|

Premed or law...that's today's question... Doctor or attorney? It's down to decision time. When it comes down to it, these two career choices are distinctly different, and require a totally different undergrad path. Whether you choose premed or law, and how early you make the choice, will indeed matter in the long run. [...]

Undergraduate research experience for pre-med students

By |2018-04-18T20:17:41-06:00May 17th, 2017|Pre Med Undergrad|

Undergraduate research experience: a must-have! Your medical school application should display a diverse resume, including good academic qualification (GPA), a respectable MCAT score, meaningful letters of recommendation, both clinical and non-clinical volunteer experience, shadowing hours and undergraduate research involvement. Of that list, most admissions committee members will tell you that three of those things stand [...]

Shadowing: Make the most of the experience!!!

By |2018-04-18T20:18:44-06:00May 10th, 2017|Pre Med Undergrad|

How to Maximize Your Shadowing Experience Shadowing is a vital component of any well-rounded application. It’s tremendously important that you shadow multiple doctors in different specialties. This can be just a box checked off your pre-med to-do list, or it can be a growth experience for you. Honestly, admissions committees will probably just want to [...]

Extracurriculars for med school are golden!

By |2018-04-18T20:17:40-06:00December 22nd, 2016|Pre Med Undergrad|

Believe it or not, extracurriculars for med school may be even more critical than earning good grades and a decent score on the MCAT. For many a pre-med, they've been key to landing a spot in the medical school of their dreams. Extracurriculars for med school applicants can make the difference in acceptance or rejection. Before I go on, [...]

Non-science pre-med major: Good idea?

By |2019-02-12T16:47:33-07:00November 29th, 2016|Pre Med Undergrad|

Anything wrong with a non-science pre-med major? Non-science pre-med major or not? These days, there is definitely much more pressure to choose a pre-med major that falls within the sciences. The reason is the new MCAT. It's longer and more intensive, requiring more classes to cover all the material adequately. Which means pre-meds need to [...]

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