MCAT prep classroom prep, customized MCAT tutoring or online prep?

For most future medical students, the question of whether to invest in their MCAT prep has a simple answer—yes! Your MCAT performance is simply too important to leave to chance. MCAT prep can often carry a cost in the hundreds or thousands of dollars, however, which means that maximizing your expenditure is absolutely key.customized mcat tutoring | mcat prep | get an MCAT tutor | premedfaq

What’s the best investment in time, money?

On this site, we’ve reviewed some prep courses and book sets from the highest rated MCAT prep companies. Here, we’d like to look at a more personalized tool. Customized MCAT tutoring, like that offered by Varsity Tutors and other specialized MCAT prep companies, can be one way to get extra bang for your buck! Varsity Tutors in particular allows you to work closely with a one-on-one tutor, and its services are available nationwide. Every tutoring session is developed with the student in mind, reducing time spent on topics and strategies that are less important to you. But there are other ways you can use customized tutoring help you meet your MCAT goals…keep reading.

Customized MCAT tutoring can help you evaluate your prep needs

Most MCAT review systems begin with a diagnostic test. The results of this exam can help test-takers pinpoint their strongest and weakest MCAT sections and question types, but their ability to craft an informed prep plan is somewhat limited. This is one way that customized MCAT tutoring with companies like Varsity Tutors can enable you to delve into the details of your personal review plan with an expert tutor who has personally succeeded on the MCAT. Once you identify your weakest question types and sections, the tutor can help you determine how long to spend studying them, and how much time to spend reviewing your strong points.

Customized MCAT tutoring can help you navigate a challenging schedule

Once you outline the content of your study plans, as well as the degree to which you need review, the next step is to set a prep schedule. If you work, or attend college or graduate school, this may be easier said than done. Group classes follow a rigid schedule. A self-paced study plan may be derailed by procrastination. Customized MCAT tutoring, on the other hand, can help you remain accountable to your MCAT prep. A private tutor can also meet when and where it’s most convenient for you, whether that means twice-weekly sessions or four sessions per week.

Customized MCAT tutoring can help you identify the best test-taking strategies

Each student learns in a different way, which can make it difficult for an instructor in a group class to offer strategies to suit every student. Self-study can also be challenging. After all, how do you teach yourself a new strategy if you have never encountered it before? With customized MCAT tutoring (we like Varsity Tutors), you are exposed to test-taking techniques that you might never have considered on your own. A tutor can teach to your learning style and your learning style alone, which has the potential of greater increases in your total MCAT score.

Customized MCAT tutoring helps you limit exam day anxiety

Some degree of MCAT test anxiety is natural, but too much can affect your performance on exam day. The best ways to combat test anxiety include practicing with sample exams and speaking with people who have previously sat for the MCAT. With an MCAT tutor, you can do both. Customized MCAT tutoring allows you to shape each session to your exact needs, and as your test date approaches, that might very well involve addressing exam fears. Even better, your personal tutor can suggest ways to eliminate, manage, or use your anxiety to your advantage.

One-on-one tutoring packages are almost as flexible as the instruction itself. For example, with Varsity Tutors you can choose from packages as small as 8 hours, with prices starting at $65/hour. Then, you can select online or in-person tutoring, and take advantage of resources like the company’s MCAT Mobile App and responsive, individualized instruction. It’s a win-win!

Don’t go into exam day without the confidence that you’re prepared. If doing the prep on your own feels less than comprehensive, and you’re beginning to worry, check out a customized MCAT tutoring company like Varsity Tutors.

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