Residency vs. Internship

The question “how long is residency” is one that seems to confuse almost everyone. Also, the idea of “what is a medical internship” is confusing as well. That’s because a medical internship is a completely different animal than a typical internship, say in business, public relations or social work.

how long is residency

Here’s the quick answer to both questions:

What is an Internship?

The first year of a medical residency is called an internship. Essentially, a first year resident is completing their medical internship.

How long is a residency?

Medical residencies last from 3-7 years in total. Most medical residencies are four years long, with surgical residencies being five years long. A neurosurgery residency is the longest, at seven years. Here’s a list of different  residencies and their length:

Emergency Medicine3-4 years
Family Practice3 years
Internal Medicine3 years
Pediatrics3 years
Obstetrics-Gynecology4 years
Pathology4 years
Psychiatry4 years
General Surgery5 years
Neurosurgery7 years
Orthopedic Surgery5 years (includes 1 year of general surgery)
Otolaryngology5 years
Urology5 years (includes 1 year of general surgery)
Plastic Surgery6 years
Anesthesiology3 years plus PGY-1 Transitional/Preliminary
Dermatology3 years plus PGY-1 Transitional/Preliminary
Neurology3 years plus PGY-1 Transitional/Preliminary
Ophthalmology3 years plus PGY-1 Transitional/Preliminary
Physical Medicine3-4 years
Diagnostic Radiology4 years plus PGY-1 Transitional/Preliminary
Radiation Oncology4 years plus PGY-1 Transitional/Preliminary
Transitional/Preliminary1 year

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