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If you’re planning to take the MCAT in 2018, visitors to our website can access an MCAT prep discount of $300 on a Kaplan PLUS course for 7 days (January 25-31). You can take the class anytime you choose. Ready, set, click!

Three other Kaplan MCAT prep discounts—as well as discounts on Kaplan’s private tutoring packages— are $250 off for PremedFAQ website visitors.

Kaplan is one of premedFAQ.com’s most highly reviewed MCAT prep class choices, and has a reputation for producing the highest quality MCAT test prep materials and having top notch tutors to help get you the score you need. If you’re thinking of taking a class, this is a good place to start.

You can grab one of these Kaplan MCAT prep discounts January 25-31:

The Kaplan PLUS MCAT prep course—USE CODE DOCTOR300

Regular—$2,999; PremedFAQ Discount—$2,699 ($300 off)


Kaplan In Person MCAT prep course—USE CODE DOCTOR250

Regular—$2,499; PremedFAQ Discount—$2,249 ($250 off)


Kaplan Live Online MCAT prep course —USE CODE DOCTOR250

Regular—$2,499; PremedFAQ Discount—$2,249 ($250 off)


Kaplan Self Paced MCAT prep course—USE CODE DOCTOR250

Regular—$1,999; PremedFAQ Discount—$1,749 ($250 off)


Kaplan Private Tutoring for MCAT—USE CODE DOCTOR250 

15 hours plus Live Online Course

Regular—$3,999; PremedFAQ Discount—$3,749 ($250 off)


Don’t miss this special offer and the chance to get your MCAT test prep nailed down! To take advantage of these MCAT prep discounts, use the links above and enter the designated promo code. (You can also share this link with friends for the next 11 days.) Go forth and study!

Thanks, and keep watching our web page for other valuable links, Q&As, discounts and resources to help you excel as you continue on your pre-med journey.



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