What are the MCAT dates in 2018? We’ve gotcha covered:MCAT dates in 2016

The good news, is you have 5 more MCAT dates in 2018 than were offered in 2017 (and there were 5 more in 2017 than the previous year). Oh joy! And remember, you can always bend your score upwards by getting a better score so why not try all 20?

Back to reality…here is the list of all 30 MCAT dates for 2018, including the date (around 30 days later in most cases) when your score will be revealed to the world.

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Test Date                           Score Revealed

Friday, January 19                  Friday, February 23

Saturday, January 20             Friday, February 23

Thursday, January 25             Tuesday, February 27

Saturday, March 24                 Tuesday, May 1

Friday, April 6                          Tuesday, May 8

Friday, April 20                       Tuesday, May 22

Saturday, April 21                    Tuesday, May 22

Saturday, May 5                       Tuesday, June 5

Friday, May 18                          Tuesday, June 19

Saturday, May 19                     Tuesday, June 19

Thursday, May 24                    Tuesday, June 26

Friday, June 1                           Tuesday, July 3

Saturday, June 2                      Tuesday, July 3

Saturday, June 16                    Tuesday, July 17

Friday, June 29                        Tuesday, July 31

Saturday, June 30                    Tuesday, July 31

Saturday, July 7                        Tuesday, August 7

Friday, July 20                         Tuesday, August 21

Saturday, July 21                     Tuesday, August 21

Tuesday, July 24                      Thursday, August 23

Friday, August 3                      Wednesday, September 5

Saturday, August 4                 Wednesday, September 5

Thursday, August 9                 Tuesday, September 11

Friday, August 10                     Tuesday, September 11

Saturday, August 18                Tuesday, September 18

Friday, August 31                    Tuesday, October 2

Saturday, September 1           Tuesday, October 2

Saturday, September 8           Tuesday, October 9

Tuesday, September 18           Tuesday, October 23

Wednesday, September 19      Tuesday, October 23

Most dates: May, June, July, August

As you can see, the MCAT dates are grouped around the most beneficial times for students….early enough in the semester (three in January!) so as not to crash your whole semester—only the first part—and early enough to repeat the test if needed; plenty of dates in April and May to satisfy earlybird applicants; a large grab bag of MCAT dates in June-August when school’s out; winding up with some straggling dates in early September to beat the final FINAL deadlines in October for most med schools.

The dates in the most popular months will fill up fast, so you should schedule as early as you know your preference. Otherwise, you may have to attend a test session in your 2nd choice of location. I didn’t plan ahead and had to fly to another state to take mine!

All tests begin at 8 a.m.

You can find a testing center where you live here.   https://services.aamc.org/20/mcat/sitelistingTables for new MCAT scoring

Good luck, but mostly good prep! This is one of those moments in life you don’t want to walk in unprepared, or gripped by anxiety. There are so many ways to ensure that you walk in with an air of confidence, knowing you can handle whatever is thrown your way.

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