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MCAT prep course discounts

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Here are the MCAT promo codes for Princeton Review and Kaplan MCAT prep courses!  (We’re working with other companies to include MCAT prep promo codes for their classes as well. Keep an eye on this space.)

Princeton Review

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MCAT Ultimate Courses or MCAT Self-Paced Courses:  $300 off (use MCATFAQ at checkout)

Summer Immersion: $300-$600 off (use MCATFAQ at checkout)


MCAT Prep – In Person Course or Self-Paced MCAT prep: save $300.

MCAT Prep — In Person Summer Intensive MCAT prep: $400 discount here!

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Planning ahead will make your next year a little less stressful. Choosing your MCAT prep test date will help you focus! Check out the 2018 test dates here and put your date on the calendar TODAY. The cheapest time to buy MCAT prep courses may be late spring and early summer, when MCAT prep companies are trying to scoop up all the potential MCAT test takers.

Also…Kaplan offers Tuition Assistance on test prep courses! Apply now and get up to 60% off test prep. Every year, Kaplan helps hundreds of students who would otherwise not have access to MCAT test prep courses step up to the same starting line as everyone else. Don’t let financial need stand in the way of accomplishing your MCAT test prep goals. 

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