Medical school scholarships from AMA (plus AAMC/ABFM)

Medical school scholarships are out there for those willing to search and apply. If you’re one of the lucky ones who wrapped up your undergrad years without carrying any debt (not an easy feat!), there’s a new financial challenge ahead: getting out of med school with as little debt as possible.AMA scholarships | medical school scholarships | financial help with med school | premedfaq

To help you in that endeavor, here are some medical school scholarships, including AMA scholarships and beyond. And check out our link to federal financial aid and other school-based aid. There are lots of medical schools (probably some you’re applying to) that offer highly targeted scholarships based on both need and merit.

Professional AMA scholarships

AMA medical school scholarships fall into nine categories, and are offered to a variety of medical students. Here are some:

Physicians of Tomorrow Award

These awards are med school merit scholarships for third year medical students getting ready to enter their final year of medical school. Each award is $10,000, and each medical school can nominate two candidates in each of several categories, with different eligibility requirements. The AMA Foundation (in league with other sponsors) offers these AMA medical school scholarships to medical students nominated by their dean or dean’s designee. Medical students can ask their school to nominate them for this award. Some Physicians of Tomorrow medical student scholarships are offered only in designated states/cities, and/or for specific practice.

Underrepresented in Medicine Award

Part of the Physicians of Tomorrow Awards program, this scholarship for minority medical students is offered to African American, Latino/Hispanic, Native American/Hawaiian/Alaskan med students who are dedicated to a medical career serving underserved populations. Ten $10,000 of these minority medical scholarships are given to students during their second or third year of medical school.

Dr. Richard Allen Williams and Genita Evangelista Johnson/Association of Black Cardiologists Award

This award is designed to improve minority representation in the specialty of cardiology. Each student recipient (up to 13 per year) is given a $5,000 cash scholarship. The scholarship award for first and second-year medical students goes only to U.S. residents. Nominees must also come from underrepresented groups in the profession including African American/Black, American Indian, Native Hawaiian, Alaska Native and Hispanic/Latino.

Leadership Development Institute

This is an opportunity for 15 students entering their final year of medical school the opportunity to connect with mentor physicians, attend quarterly group web conferences and interact with leader physicians at a weekend retreat. The goal is to develop leadership skills in future physicians with a commitment to community service and leadership. All expenses for the year-long program are paid by LDI.

AAMC Scholarship

Along with AMA medical school scholarships, the AAMC’s Nickens Student Scholarship is a $5,000 scholarship for third year medical students who demonstrate leadership in helping to target problems in healthcare inequity. Five of these awards are given annually. Med student scholarship award recipients also could be recognized for showing leadership in addressing educational, societal, and health care needs of racial and ethnic groups in the United States. Recipients must be U.S. citizens.

The Pisacano Leadership Program

Offered through the American Board of Family Medicine’s Foundation, this program offers a wide range of leadership skills training opportunities to medical school students. It’s a scholarship for third year medical students going into year four, offered to five medical students. Applicants must be planning a career in family medicine, plus have demonstrated communications, academic, character and community service credentials. The award is around $7,000 per year per medical student for four years.

If you’re not sure whether you qualify for any or all of these AMA medical school scholarships, go ahead and apply. Each program has its own requirements, so read carefully. A couple $5,000 or $7,000 medical school scholarships per year will make a discernible difference in your overall medical debt at the end of year four!

Most of the medical schools you’re applying to offer scholarships of one kind or another. You can ask for information about how to apply to scholarships for medical school from financial aid counselors at each school. Through federal programs and other innovative programs, you can even find full scholarships for medical school.

Also, check out our post on scholarships offered by medical schools and federal scholarships for med students.