The University of Alabama School of Medicine

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 University of Alabama School of Medicine Location: Birmingham, Alabama Degrees Offered: M.D M.D./Ph.D. M.D./M.P.H. M.D./M.B.A. Private or Public: Public Tuition: Resident: $29,144 Non-Resident: $64,214 Class size: ~185 MCAT: 508-510 Average GPA of Matriculants: 3.6 Other details: Located in Birmingham, Alabama, UAB is a MD-awarding medical school with a 4-year curriculum. The first two years are [...]

What if I’m rejected? Where to go after a med school rejection

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Remember that most med school applicants are rejected. The competition is fierce for the limited spaces in med schools prestigious and otherwise. So you’re in good company. It’s a well-known fact that many a rejected student is accepted the second time around, and that adcoms appreciate persistence, as long as it’s accompanied by hard work.

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Is getting into an Ivy League medical school everything it’s cracked up to be?

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Your best option is to choose a medical school that you like, that you can afford, with a good program in your area of study, and GPA/MCAT scores you can crack. And since financial aid is available to every medical school student irrespective of her or his finances, you truly can go anywhere you can get accepted!

My MCAT prep study schedule for pre-med procrastinators: MCAT prep in 8 weeks!

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I started by reading the Examkrackers Complete Study Package, then taking practice tests every 2-3 days. I added reading from the Berkeley Review full set, and finished by taking a practice test every single day, followed by a 3-4 hour review session. That's it!

My review of the Altius MCAT prep course

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Should I go with the Altius MCAT prep option? I think the Altius MCAT prep course is somewhat unique in its offerings, which is why I'm reviewing just Altius in this post... Altius MCAT Prep is available in several cities in Utah, as well as Portland and Corvallis, Oregon; Pullman, Washington; Moscow, Idaho; Lawrence, Kansas; [...]

Will reading The Economist really improve my MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning score?

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If you've started prepping for the MCAT, you not only know the MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Section is mind-numbingly hard, but you realize that it accounts for a hefty part of your overall score. Verbal reasoning is a skill, and getting good at it takes practice. There are lots of tips and techniques you’ll get in your [...]

Will attending a top-tier medical school help me get a top-tier residency match?

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Going to a more well respected school will open more doors for you, though it won't ensure you the match you want. Other factors such as Step 1 scores, competitive specialties, networking, and regional saturation will have an impact as well, and depending on your specific circumstances, could have as much weight as school choice.

Best books for aspiring doctors: What are the best reads for future MDs?

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If you’re firmly in the doctor camp, and even if you’re on the fence about your career choice, I’d recommend taking a deep breath and sitting down with a good book or two to get a feel for what’s ahead. Where to find the best books for aspiring doctors? How better to prepare for a [...]

Dealing with stress in the pre-med pressure cooker

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If you’re a pre-med gunner, you understand the obscene amount of stress that goes along with preparing for, then applying to, medical school. When every undergraduate class grade effects your GPA, a tenth of a GPA point can mean the difference between an interview invite or a rejection. That makes every exam seem overwhelmingly significant. While there [...]

How important is my science GPA vs cumulative GPA to medical schools?

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Your science GPA (sGPA), or BCPM (biology, chemistry, physics and math) score is going to be critical to your application, for obvious reasons. Here are some ways to calculate, and raise yours.