MCAT prep boot camps

Six weeks of scorching heat!

Summer MCAT prep boot camp:

Ready? Set! Go. It’s time to ramp it up! If you’re on the fence about putting the finishing touches on your summer MCAT prep or getting help from the professionals, now’s the time for finalizing your decision!

Kaplan and Princeton Review both offer compressed classes (six weeks long) with all the prep you can handle. A warning though….this will NOT be cheap! These courses run the price of a small car, at around $9,000, but it may provide that final boost to get you into your dream medical school. If your MCAT score rocks, you are halfway there.

Here are some easy clicks to summer MCAT prep “happiness,” with start dates:

*** Princeton Review MCAT 2018 Summer Immersion

May 27-July 6, 2018—Boston

June 3-July 14, 2018—Austin

June 17-July 28, 2018—San Diego

Cost: $9,499 plus $3,500 room and board

*** Kaplan Summer Intensive MCAT (6-week full immersion)

June 11—Boston

June 25—San Diego

Cost: $9,499 plus $3,500-$4,500 room and board

Discount: $400 off HERE for visitors

If you’re willing to eat, drink and breathe MCAT prep content from end of school through your MCAT date, Princeton Review and Kaplan will willingly strap you to the racks and begin the torture! (Cue the screaming….)

Offered in great locations!!!

Both companies include classroom time with subject matter experts, access to videos and online learning tools, practice drills, diagnostic tests, full-length practice tests, and in Kaplan’s case, weekly private tutoring sessions. This is summer MCAT prep Nirvana!

And the cities where the courses are held make the whole proposition much more enticing…

Ok, good luck, and try to enjoy the process! It’s just one step of many on your path to becoming a doctor.

Here’s a (Wayyyy) Less Expensive Option

Here’s another alternative (cheaper) option. By taking the “self-paced” course from either of these companies, you can save TONS. The price drops from around $9,500 to $1,999, which is $500 less than the in-person course. And of course, if you use the discount, it will drop the price another $225! Score.

Just make sure to CLICK on the links below for our MCAT prep course discounts with either Princeton Review or Kaplan (Ultimate In-Person or Self-Paced):

Princeton Review

MCAT Ultimate Courses or MCAT Self-Paced Courses:  $300 off (use MCATFAQ at checkout)


MCAT In Person or MCAT Self-Paced Courses: $225 discount here!


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