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What GPA/MCAT combo will get me admission to medical school?

By |2022-02-17T16:57:02-07:00June 15th, 2020|Pre Med Undergrad|

A GPA MCAT combo of 3.7/32 will give you a 75% chance of at least one acceptance. But there's a lot of anecdotal evidence that with lower numbers on both fronts (a 3.6/30) you could still get through with great ECs, LORs, and an excellent personal interview!

What’s a good science GPA? Is it more important than my cumulative GPA?

By |2022-02-17T16:47:12-07:00May 26th, 2020|AMCAS Application|

Your science GPA (sGPA), or BCPM (biology, chemistry, physics and math) score is going to be critical to your application, for obvious reasons. Here are some ways to calculate, and raise yours.

Non-science pre-med major: Good idea?

By |2019-02-12T16:47:33-07:00November 29th, 2016|Pre Med Undergrad|

Anything wrong with a non-science pre-med major? Non-science pre-med major or not? These days, there is definitely much more pressure to choose a pre-med major that falls within the sciences. The reason is the new MCAT. It's longer and more intensive, requiring more classes to cover all the material adequately. Which means pre-meds need to [...]

Are there med schools with minimum GPA requirements, and if I don’t meet it, will they automatically reject me?

By |2018-04-18T20:42:11-06:00March 16th, 2016|Medical School|

But while med schools love good numbers, but they're also looking for a package deal: an applicant who's well-rounded, with stellar references, a "balanced" MCAT score, good EC's, and a successful personal interview.

Does going to an Ivy League undergrad school guarantee me acceptance to medical school?

By |2018-04-18T21:37:41-06:00January 5th, 2016|Pre Med Undergrad|

Here's what really matters: your GPA (3.6 or above), your science GPA (3.4 or above), your MCAT (31 or above), your extracurriculars (ECs), letters of recommendation, research opportunities and valuable shadowing experiences—oh, and of course, whether or not your mom or dad is a huge benefactor at your chosen school! (Kidding on that last one...but it doesn't hurt!) The scores above trend pretty high, and are what you'd need to have top-notch prospects of acceptance to a top-tier school.

Will a DUI keep me from attending medical school?

By |2018-04-18T20:50:43-06:00January 2nd, 2016|Pre Med Undergrad|

This may be a question you should ask yourself before getting into any car, ever, after drinking. However, and fortunately, one DUI or misdemeanor charge will most likely be ignored by most medical schools. That said, a pattern of behavior demonstrated by more than one offense would be looked at more seriously. Adcoms are real people! [...]

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