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Do DOs make as much money as MDs?

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This is an age-old question for premeds trying to decide on the MD vs. DO route. Whether DOs make as much money as MDs depends on some specific factors, like residency, region, specialty and number of hours worked. This post focuses on salary. You can also check out our post on other differences between DOs [...]

What’s my AMCAS application status once I hit “send?”

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If you recently took the MCAT and don't yet know your score, you can still submit your application, and it will be verified along with all other applications. Once your score arrives at AMCAS, it will be automatically uploaded to your application and your school will be notified of your score.

Is getting into an Ivy League medical school everything it’s cracked up to be?

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Your best option is to choose a medical school that you like, that you can afford, with a good program in your area of study, and GPA/MCAT scores you can crack. And since financial aid is available to every medical school student irrespective of her or his finances, you truly can go anywhere you can get accepted!

Will attending a top-tier medical school help me get a top-tier residency match?

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Going to a more well respected school will open more doors for you, though it won't ensure you the match you want. Other factors such as Step 1 scores, competitive specialties, networking, and regional saturation will have an impact as well, and depending on your specific circumstances, could have as much weight as school choice.

Choosing a medical school: best advice

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Georgetown University Medical School, Washington, DC High on your list when choosing a medical school (specifically which ones to apply to) should be an emphasis on any specialty you intend to pursue. If you’re not sure about the area of medicine you want to practice, start with your top tier requests, then add to your list [...]