What's the best MCAT prep course?To answer the question: “What’s the best MCAT prep course?” is tough, since it depends quite a bit on various personal preferences. With so many options, you’ll have to narrow down your choices by deciding what’s most important to you: in-class instruction, one-on-one tutor time, price, length of the program, etc. Also bear in mind that Kaplan and Princeton Review MCAT test prep centers are much easier to find, while many of the others are only offered in specific regions.

Even so, it’s pretty standard for all of these MCAT prep course companies to make it really difficult for pre-meds to find the actual costs of their programs before you give them your email so they can spam you eternally. So, for your benefit in determining the truly best MCAT prep course, we’ve written basic, as-unbiased-as-possible reviews of each program we have experience with or have found reviews of on the interwebs.

What’s the best MCAT prep course? Perhaps a date in your cubicle!

Keep in mind also that deciding to take an MCAT prep course is a big decision with a corresponding price tag. Make sure you’re the type of studier who likes learning in groups, likes being directed and appreciates being given a roadmap to your final destination. If  you’re a solitary studier in general, you could also opt to buy one or two book sets (see reviews here!) and do the deed on your own.

So, without further adieu…

I weigh in on the question: Kaplan or Princeton Review for MCAT prep?

My review of Altius MCAT prep.

My review of the Berkeley Review and Examkrackers MCAT prep courses.

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